Seeing Is Believing The visual component to collaboration cannot be overlooked. Pun intended! The visual aspect of collaboration is likely the most powerful way we convey ideas and concepts. While seeing is believing, big is not always better.

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Sizes That Immerse

partnervermittlung agentur gründen While small conference rooms or huddle spaces may only have a single multi-purpose display, consider personal devices as virtual displays that extend the session. In larger rooms understanding the business use case is key. A large room used primarily for presentations is likely a good candidate for a large projected display. But a Collaboration Room may need more visuals for content and video for example. Here dual displays or a large display can be divided up to give flexible use of the visual real estate.

Video Walls

page Think of a video wall as a visual canvas that can divvied-up into predetermined zones or as a very large virtual display with content anywhere and any size as needed. Today’s ultra-thin bezel’s and low power HD/UHD displays will give your space an incredible tool for operations centers, customer experience centers, lobby’s, etc.

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Digital Signage and infoPresence

my blog Digital signage isn’t just for retail stores anymore. Businesses are using digital signs and media players for human resources, marketing, manufacturing, safety & security, and even to drive communications to conference room displays when not in use.

try this web-site Brainstorming and strategizing in today’s media rich world requires an environment to take it all in. The concept of infoPresence is to have multiple displays around the collaboration room to display information from any source, easily and on demand. Information is shared and compared from people in multiple locations tied together with video and collaboration sharing. Information immersion!