Video / Audio Conferencing and Audio Reinforcement

The People Side of Collaboration If you’ve been blessed to experience a real telepresence room, you know why we say it’s as close to being in-person as possible. Three large HD screens set across a split table, with the other half in one or more remote locations. Very cool! But forget the screens, forget the technology, the real magic of telepresence is being completely immersed in the real purpose of the meeting with people sitting virtually life-size, right across the table from you. MKC Solutions can not only help you with telepresence, but we can also help design many of the telepresence secrets into video conferencing rooms and personal systems across your organization. We will help you get the most immersive experience with a solution that scales for each purpose. And even more important, we know how to make it all work together seamlessly!

Web Conferencing

For many companies, personal web conferencing is their only experience with video conferencing. Using services such as go right here WebEx, frauen mit roten haaren kennenlernen Go-to-Meeting or Continue Reading Skype for Business allow many of the key benefits of seeing the other person(s) while sharing content as part of the conversation or presentation. At MKC Collaboration, we recognize the existing work flow and familiarity your teams may have with these services. So we offer affordable ways to bring these services into the Team Collaboration spaces and reinforce them with high quality HD cameras, microphones and speakers.

Room Video Conferencing

Here the context of ‘room’ video conferencing is on a hardware codec device. Typical manufacturers are discover this Cisco, look at this site Polycom and go to these guys Lifesize and these offer standards-based and proprietary features that require centralized services to support multi-room conferences, mixed domain or interoperability services. These centralized services may be cloud-based subscriptions or hardware/software you purchase and license for your own servers. Also falling into the room-based context would be Microsoft’s Skype Room Systems and their new best site Surface Hub. On the high-end would be opçoes binárias - mercado financeiro internacional telepresence rooms featuring the up to three audio/video and one content stream per room, usually combined with special furniture and screen bezel.

Immersive Experience

First, let’s all agree that attaining an immersive experience is not the top priority for all video conferencing use cases. For instance, a ‘presenter’ is using video conferencing to reach an audience in several locations and where a room full of people are watching. At MKC Collaboration we help you understand the pros and cons; we assist you to think through the use cases and consider the best options for each. Our goal is to design many ways to add immersive-ness to video conferencing, such as proper camera angles and framing, furniture placement, screen sizes and active speaker tracking.

Audio Conferencing and Reinforcement

Audio is King!

It’s true – audio communication is the top requirement of every collaboration session. If we lose video but still have good audio, the meeting can continue. But no audio or poor audio – no meeting!

Quality Audio Is Achievable

Just because the factors that impact audio are complicated does not mean high quality audio is not possible. It is achievable with proper forethought and design. Understanding the acoustical environment is a key starting point. Room dimensions, glass, surface finishes, furniture placement and even the number of people in the room all impact acoustics. Empty room noise level is also an important factor to consider. Noise from mechanical, street noise through glass windows, building vibrations, and noise from adjacent rooms all combine to create a noise level that will impact audio quality. Speaker types and placement are then considered based on the type of audio priorities. Finally, fully understanding all audio sources such as microphones, music sources and audio from video conferencing. The equipment required to provide local sound reinforcement or acoustical echo cancellation are critical to achieving the desired audio quality.

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