col·lab·o·ra·tion: when your team works together, gets it done and produces something great!

The Right Fit

Collaboration Spaces Designed for Your Teams

rencontres amicales bordeaux rencontre gay sur st brieuc opcje binarne exbino find more info rencontre pcr this charming man single site rencontres gratuit Collaboration is the process of people working together to realize mutual goals. Forcing people out of their zone deters collaboration. Effective collaboration spaces, therefore, must be part of their natural work areas; A transformation of their existing environment including personal areas, common spaces and group meeting rooms will improve the collaborative culture. MKC Collaboration will work hard to ensure a perfect fit for your teams.

The Right Environment

People love to personalize things, the apps on their phones, their desktop and screensaver; doing so makes using technology more intimate and personal. Effective collaboration spaces must create the right environment that people find easy to use. Enabling the personal devices that people are already comfortable with and love to use is a great way to not only protect previous investments, but makes collaborating natural and well, even fun!

Flexible, Yet Easy To Use

A space designed for team collaboration must be adaptable and should fit virtually any business need for a group workspace. A flexible design allows for any group of authorized people to make the best use of the space and use the tools that best fit their specific needs. But flexibility must be balanced with ease of use – too many options and controls and the average user will avoid the space. An innovative design for your collaboration space is a function of usability and space utilization. Your team’s success is the metric by which we measure our success.

Collaboration Technology Dissected

What are the basic components in most collaboration solution designs?

So what technologies come under each of these components?


Communication includes audio and video conferencing as well as sound reinforcement of the local collaboration space. Communication is the foundation of collaboration and must not be overlooked. To make your video conferencing implementation usable requires equipment designed to support both the physical space, and the size of the teams that will utilize the space.


Sharing could be as basic as email, but active sharing 'during' a collaboration session is more effective and productive. Video conferencing applications support content sharing. But digital whiteboarding and collaboration applications support not only sharing but bi-directional annotation of the content.


Visualization catches the eye. Great collaboration solutions include large high definition LCD’s or projected screens. One of the best reasons to move to UHD/4K resolution is actually for large touch interactive displays, the higher resolution keeps the pixels from being visible when the users are at arms-length. Many collaboration solutions include multiple large displays for both video and content. A newer concept in the collaboration space is info-presence, the simultaneous engagement of multiple participants, multiple devices and multiple sources of information (content) into a single collaboration session or workspace.

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