casino online canada Insight, Practical Experience, Multiple Perspectives

free online casino games book of ra MKC Collaboration provides consulting in the Audio Visual, Video Conferencing, Collaboration and Networking industries and their supporting adjacencies and influencers.

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Customer Perspective and Decision Criteria

online casino with no deposit bonuses Talk to MKC Collaboration about the customer perspective and what common denominators factor into their decision making. International and Global Enterprise, Multi-location Domestic US, and Regional Businesses – each have unique challenges and concerns that must be addressed for continued growth in the technology industry.

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Industry Trends, Consolidation and Convergence

free casino games slot machines no download Away from the hype, what trends are really important in the trenches of what customers are looking for and embracing? What technologies are consolidating to eliminate part of the industry and which are converging into something new? MKC strives to monitor and make sense of the announcements, reviews and analysis and translate into conversations that help people make better decisions.

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winning slots at casino The Future of Collaboration

Where is collaboration technologies going?

Wearable Technology


Machine Learning

Virtual Reality

How Big is the Box You’re Thinking Out Of?

online casino ohne einzahlung oktober 2018 Three employees and a client walk into a collaboration space with no scheduled meeting. gold fish free casino slots Wearable technology on each person cause the collaboration system to remember what they have previous communicated to one another and offer, through a casino slots payout ratios virtual reality assistant, to launch a local collaboration session. Immediately, without request, relevant information is displayed from their most recent collaboration, and suggestions of other available team members are discreetly offered to join the session if needed. Due to the casino royale bg online machine learning of the company’s data and analysis of events, news and climate – customized information is streamed to sidebar displays available to the team. The virtual assistant also offers an explanation that John, who often has participated in these groups sessions, will not be able to join because his flight to Tokyo is delayed and hasn’t landed yet. The team completes their discussion as the virtual assistant has taken meeting notes and offers to review the session and action items at the end. One of the employees, a senior manager, now returns to her office and all systems come alert as she approaches. Urgent messages are now prioritized on her smart-wall even as the CEO virtually appears as if in her office to follow-up on preparation points for the upcoming board meeting. The conversation turns to a very sensitive financial document and the virtual assistant requests the manager to touch the smart-wall to online casino tricks legal biometrically authenticate prior to it opening. Simultaneously the windows in her office darken and the door closes to assure privacy. The CEO and managers discussion is automatically interpreted by machine learning and causes the document to be dynamically updated.

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four kings casino and slots keno numbers This little story just gives you a small glimpse of where collaboration technologies will be going and how they will be impacted by other adjacent technologies.

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